Translation company: LGPD reinforces the confidentiality of information in online services.

When looking for a translation company, professionalism and speed are indispensable.
With the popularization of online services, translation was one of the first sectors to adopt this medium. The reasons are very simple: the way translation companies work allows them to have translators in different parts of the world, while at the same time selling their services locally or to other countries.

The customer only needs to send their document in the original language along with their specifications to receive their translated document. In this article, Global Languages will show you how to find reliable online translation services.

Advantages of using a translation company with online services

Among the advantages of using an online translation company is the possibility of getting a document translated into several languages at the same time. You can also be sure that the translation will be reviewed by an editor to certify its quality.

It is also important to research whether the translation company you have chosen to use is truly professional. Due to the nature of the internet, many companies offer translation services without the necessary quality or assurances. We maintain complete confidentiality and protect information. All information and documents of our customers are handled and kept under strict confidentiality. Paper documentation is destroyed (shredded) after the job is completed. Electronic files are encrypted on our production servers on all of our workstations.

How do you know if the online translation services are reliable?

If you choose Global Languages, for example, without a doubt you are choosing a professional translation company. And how do you know if the company you’ve chosen is trustworthy? One of the quickest ways is to verify that it has contact and location information.

If you contact the translation company, you can quickly assess the quality of its customer service. If they are slow to respond to an e-mail or if the response is automated without responding to your question, that’s a bad sign. Other details to be evaluated are its presence on social media and the quality of its website.

How will LGPD strengthen the confidentiality of information?

The General Data Protection Regulation (LGPD) became enforceable in September 2020. With this, Brazil joins a group of over 100 countries where there are specific rules for personal data processing. Because of this, the LGPD has also had an impact on how documents are translated.

That is because there is now specific legislation on the subject that determines protocols to ensure data privacy at translation companies. In addition, the data subject has the right, in relation to their data, to always be made aware of the existence of processing, access to data, deletion of personal data, revocation of consent and all other rights described in the LGPD.

Global Languages offers various types of translations

At Global Languages, you can find technical translation services within the same translation company, for example, if you need to translate documents with specific terms such as in product manuals.

Similarly, we offer services specifically designed for certain scenarios: complete website translation, video game dialogue translation, financial translations, scientific texts, etc.

Now you know what points you should consider when searching for a reliable online translation companywith quality services.


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